I make visually loud expressions that all take part of an artistic-political strategy of questioning supremacy, redefining western norms of aesthetics and claiming space while re-appropriating one’s culture. As a queer latino in Sweden I’ve always hidden parts of myself just to be able to be accepted, forced to strategize my personality for others comfort. Hiding and adjusting my identities, the same ones the society have given me and told me to be ashamed of The Latin, The Gay and The Feminine. I’ve come to realize that they are of the utter most importance for me to express, its through the practice of art that I have been comfortable to express those identities and let my personality claim what I’ve been told to distance myself from. I criticize the existing preconceptions of beauty and taste, seeing and growing up with a lack of diversity of expressions, social conduct and especially while western ideals are depreciating immigrant or feminine tastes it’s important for me to counteract this silencing by working big and bold. Following the example of proud and strong women like Selena, Rihanna and my Mother. The fact that I haven’t been allowed to create, evolve and love the real me is something I want to end, something I don’t want coming generations to go through, having to supress their personalities for the benefit of a white heteronormative society. 

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artist statement


I was born in Norrköping, Sweden in 1989 and moved to Stockholm to study art at preparatory schools Nyckelviksskolan and Gerlesborgsskolan between the years of 2009-2012. I got my Bachelors Degree at Konstfacks Fine Arts Department in the year 2015. In the beginning of 2016 I was asked by the Stockholm Public Transport "SL" to show a piece at the Metro Station Odenplan in Stockholm. I created the installation called ”I Wish This Was On My Way To Somewhere”, the installation was later asked by Stockholm Läns Museum to take part in the group show ”Medan du väntar”.


In the fall of 2016 i was commissioned to create the artistic interior for one of the new floors at Södersjukhuset (Stockholm), and started my Masters at Konstfacks Fine Arts Department. In 2018 I participated in the group show ”Haceiendo Contexto” in Lima, Peru and I got my Masters Degree in Fine Arts at Konstfack. For my examination project I was awarded a grant that gives me a free studio for a whole year, a stipend from the Swedish Royal Art Academy and also got to be on of the two students to represent konstfack at Art in the alps Youth Biennale, Brixen/bressanonne Italy. This year I have participated in group shows at Low Gallery in Oslo, Norway and also at Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden.

 Photo: Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn


                     Email: alejandromonterobravo@gmail.com                    Phone: +46 723763512               Photography by Karoline Montero Araya